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About Us

by the Dufter.in Team

On average, you spend 90000 hours at work in your entire life. Dufter.in intends to make every hour of your professional life count.

Whether it’s advice on leadership, suggestions on management skills (and other office matters), ideas on what to wear to work, or tips on wellness at work, Dufter.in is the office-friendly website you were always looking for!

We’re on a mission to provide expert workplace-related advice without beating around the bush.  Our content follows a 3-D approach. It’s: Direct. Desired. Dependable.

Our team of consultants consists of a storytelling consultant and content marketer, an organisational psychologist, a wellness and dance therapy expert,, a communications trainer, an educational consultant and poet, and a fashion designer.

Want to have a great day at work? Look no further than Dufter.in!

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